I am Michael E. Berndt Jr. You can call me Mike if you’d like but I prefer Berndt. The “d” is silent and you’ll be too if you ever come across one of my earlier works.

I am an Emmy-nominated editor who has cut numerous broadcast documentaries and features for clients such as ESPN, ABC, CBS, & The Big Ten Network. This website contains a selection of examples from an evolving career that is the bi-product and combined effort of but not limited to: perfectionism, self loathing, caffeine, lack of sleep, and more often than not forgetting to leave work at work after learning that your best ideas will often show up uninvited. I am creative as well as highly technical. I can also drive the bus by myself. When you work with me, your project becomes my obsession.

When I am not watching documentaries, you can find me online fixating over all things electronic. Some folks collect comic books, for me it’s B&H catalogs. Recording devices own my soul. Friends can attest to my uncanny ability to correctly identify the make and model of any camera from up to a block away. Should there be some unfortunate technological apocalypse you can find me somewhere underground cutting survival training videos on two VCRs and a Sony Watchman.

You can reach me here.

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I'm a New York City based video editor with a full edit suite in Midtown. Check out some of my work. Please feel free to contact me.